Most of us do practice spirituality and faith in our lives without even knowing it. And often we have learned faith from someone who has cared about us and for us. So what are some spiritual practices that help us grow in faith. Here is a list — not complete, but a start.

• Caring conversation: Sharing highs and lows or “Where did you see God today?”
• Prayer/devotions/meditate: Formal, written, spontaneous, silly, sung
• Rituals and tradition: Any consistent practice, serious or silly, that defines us as a family      or   congregation.
• Question, ask, and seek, God. Doubt is not always detrimental. It can help us grow when we seek God.
• Simplify your life
• Serving one another: No such thing as chores. Only acts of service and care for one another, our community, world, and earth.

It is summer. I always think things will slow down in summer. But in reality, things don’t slow down, activities just change. This summer as you enter into summer activities, I hope that you will take time to think about your faith and encourage it to grow. Maybe you can add to this list.
See you in church!
In Christ
Pastor Shelly


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